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Shenzhen FangXingLiuTong Industrial Co., Ltd. Founded in 2000, is a company specializing in computer data communications products and network-type research and development, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises. FangXingLiuTong Main products: Interface Converter, USB Interface Converter,RS232/485/422Multi-serial port card, Serial port networking server, RS485/422Repeater ; Segmentation Hub, Surge protector, Ether bridge & Protocol converter, Optical fiber equipment, Promotional material, OEM ... ;With accurate FangXingLiuTong strategy, skill and understanding of the execution team, our unity, hard work, innovation and practical business ideas, to play the Companys regions, the mechanism of the advantages of centralized information, capital, personnel and management resources, such as elements of the calendar year for telecommunications, mobile, electricity, finance, transport, public security, health care community to provide professional products and services, has achieved eye-catching achievements. 

Future-oriented, FangXingLiuTong will be guided by the scientific concept of development, strengthen confidence, seize opportunities, speed up development in order to "open up, pragmatic, and efficient" approach, as well the quality of business, labor efficiency, technological innovation, the implementation of the capacity of enterprises five key harmony, and expand the scale of independent research and development, and gradually to the systematic, pluralistic, international development, in order to return the performance of outstanding employees, returns to shareholders, repay the society for economic and social development to make new contributions! 

FangXingLiuTong, is willing to work with you hand in hand, uphold the principle of "win-win situation with the vast number of users, a win-win situation with partners, employees and business win-win" concept, the power elite continue to aggregate, integrate industry resources to consistent with the new face of extraordinary magnanimity, jointly write a a new chapter in enterprise development, heritage classic century, the creation of a very brilliant Ding! 

Business philosophy

"Quality First, Service First."

FangXingLiuTong from product market positioning, research and development design, manufacturing, marketing to after-sales service, responsible for the right to clear, clear goals, coordination and orderly, fast and efficient, each element of our intentions and meticulous, the pursuit of excellence and service quality perfect!